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York Air Conditioner Reviews

York Air Conditioner Reviews

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People don’t usually seem to realize the luxury of York air conditioning until they go one or two days without these units. These air conditioners are the kind of luxury people that reside in a hot humid environment can’t do without. With the increasing global acceptance of this line of air conditioning units, the manufacturer has expended a large amount of money and time into making its various models more efficient than ever before. To fortify its undying relationship with its multitude of customers across the world, the York has now made its air conditioning units much more affordable making them suitable for all budgets.

Though the York air conditioners have not been around for long compared to some renowned brands in the heating and cooling industry, but the company is the largest global supplier of incorporated products, services and systems in the air conditioning market. York ac units are very durable, reliable and more energy efficient even more than some supposedly renowned products. They are available in a range of size, shapes, designs and models including dehumidifiers, air handlers, window mounted, splits and slim models.

The manufacturer splits its air conditioning units into three major models – LX, Affinity and Latitude models with SEER rating between thirteen and eighteen. When it comes to quietness, economical operation, energy efficiency and trouble-free services.


The affinity series is one of the first to offer a choice of seven cabinet colors and designs and are designed to meet the requirements of long-term sustainability, durability, energy efficiency and quiet and smooth operation. The series meets the federal government’s requirement of 13 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rate (SEER)


Dependable, energy efficiency and durability aptly capture the essence of LX series that are available in two models.


The Latitude™ series from York air conditioners is known for its efficiency, reliability and in constantly delivering a consistent and superior performance over the years.

The Pros and Cons of York Air Conditioning Units


  • The York air conditioning units are highly energy efficient. They promise to cool you and your entire home off while cutting down your utility bills. This is one of the major features that make York products increasing popular globally.
  • They are reliable and pretty much durable. Averagely, you can use them for about thirty years or even more.
  • They are energy star rated and come with SEER rating –Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of about thirteen and eighteen.
  • Their affordability makes them to be suitable for all budgets. The manufacturer of York air conditioning units put everyone into consideration when making their various products.
  • They are very easy to come by as they are available in almost all the electronic stores across the world.
  • They come with generous warranty offers on both parts and entire units. This and couple with their ingenious services are what still making most of their customers keep coming back.
  • The company offers effective repair and replacement programs for all of its various products to help its users whenever they are in need of any repair or replacement service.
  • They are available in variety of sizes, designs and models to complement all home and/or business place décor.


  • The installation of York air conditioning units is a bit daunting. If not properly installed, the unit can completely damage.
  • Their replacement parts are not easy to find especially in some regions.

We choose York air conditioning units because of their affordability, durability and energy efficiency. York air conditioning units are built with quality that both home and business owners can rely on. Therefore, if you opt for an air conditioning unit by York, you can be certain that you will get for yourself a unit that will last for a longer period of time.


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