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Windowless Air Conditioner

In some cases, people prefer to buy Windowless air conditioner. This is especially when they live in a small apartment where they’ve got no large enough windows to be installed an air conditioner on. Some people also chose to buy it because they feel that their current air cooling system is just not enough to take out the heat of the summer. They buy it for some additional air conditioning unit. If you plan to buy windowless air conditioner in the near future, there is something you need to understand. And this article will very likely help you do that.

Merits and Demerits
What’s hot:

  1. It’s portable and a plug-and-play unit
  2. It offers affordable cooling cost
  3. Doesn’t need specific installation

What’s not:

  1. It does need to be vented in order to run flawlessly
  2. More expensive compared than a window air conditioner
  3. Decrease the temperature slowly

Common False Consideration
One major mistake people usually make when they buy windowless air conditioner is that they miss out the fact that it still needs to be vented. It means that you will still need a window or at least a dryer vent in order for it to work properly. The term windowless only translates that it does not need large windows like the common window-mounted air conditioner. All you need to do is to place it near a vent, plug it into a power plug, turn it on and lay back.

Why Should One Need Windowless AC
Despite the fact that it still needs a window in order to function like it should, such air conditioner offers several advantages that you can’t get from other types of air cooling system. Such machine is usually provided with small wheels, allowing users to move it to any room they want without hassle. This way, you don’t need any more to spend extra cost for the installation and best of all you can always take your windowless air conditioner to a room which needs cooling off the most.

Furthermore, since you can intend the device to work on only specific part of your house, you have more control over your overall cooling costs you’ve got to pay every month. This is obviously not the case for central air conditioner where the cooling is spread equally across every corner of the house. In addition, windowless air conditioner can save your overall energy consumption significantly. We suggest you to opt for devices which come with Energy Star as they prove to be 15% more efficient compared to typical machines.

Summing up The Consideration
In short, windowless air conditioner is an ideal choice for those living in a small apartment where there is no adequate window for a bulky air conditioner. It can also be a good option if you look for some additional cooling system that can take down the humidity of the summer nights. You should note though that a window is still required due to the machine’s exhaust venting mechanism. And it also drips out some amount of water, so don’t forget to check the built-in tray every so often to prevent the water from overflowing. Finally always remember to choose a windowless air conditioner that comes with Energy Star ratings.

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