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Wall Air Conditioners Review 2018

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If you are thinking of an air conditioner for a room, but don’t want to sacrifice a window view, a wall air conditioner will give you the same functionality of cooling your room. Plus, it will also heat your house in the winter! So all in all, a wall air conditioner is a great buy and an economical solution for both cooling and heating your home.

If you purchase a wall air conditioner you will also need to purchase a “sleeve”, which is a metal device that keeps the unit in your wall. It helps the wall support the weight of the air conditioner. You can purchase this separately or together with your air conditioner. I recommend purchasing both units from the same manufacturer, since they are engineered to work together best.

Important Things To Consider When Buying a Wall Air Conditioner

1) Measure the size of your room, and buy an AC to fit these dimensions. Measuring the size means the length, width and height in order to calculate the square footage of the room. Every AC unit has a maximum capacity effectiveness. If you buy a stronger than necessary engine, you will end up with a humid room and a larger than necessary electric bill. Too weak and your room won’t be cold enough.

2) If you already have an air conditioning unit in the room that you would like to replace, measure the size of the hole in the wall. You might need to either expand it, or weatherproof it if it is not the exact same size as the new unit you are purchasing.

3) Buy a sleeve for your new unit. We recommend purchasing a sleeve from the same manufacturer as the AC, they are made to work together. The sleeve will support the wall with the weight of the AC.

4) Consult with your electrician whether you need to fortify your electricity capabilities due to the air conditioner.

5) Look for an energy efficient air conditioner. Many units now come with Energy Star ratings so you know which unit is the most environmentally friendly.

6) Look for a quiet unit. A noisy air conditioner can be very annoying, especially when operating on full capacity.

Friedrich Wall Mounted Air Conditioners

If you are looking for a great through-the-wall air conditioner, the models made by Friedrich are generally the most energy efficient, and also the quietest. Recommended by major appliance sales people, they are a safe choice and will do a good job cooling your room and keeping your energy bill down.

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems are a powerful & flexible way to efficiently cool a room, as opposed to cooling the whole house. Each system has two parts: an indoor unit & an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is mounted using a bracket on an exterior facing wall, then connected to the outdoor unit using a small hole drilled through the wall. 2 refrigerants lines run between the two. One delivering electricity, the other removing water. The system also has thermostatic control and a variable quiet blower.

A split system has several advantages over a traditional window unit, first and foremost a thermostat that can keep the room at a constant, comfortable temperature instead of blasting on and off, regardless of the inside temperature. In addition, you don’t have to move a spilt system in and out of the window as the seasons change, so don’t have to give up the light and security from the window.

Ellen Smith

Hi everyone! My name is Ellen and my father has been an air conditioning engineer for about 21 years now. He has trained me for 3 years part-time while I complete my nursing degree. It may be an odd hobby but I love fixing air conditioners, and I made this small blog to share some of my knowledge about them