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Trane Air Conditioner Reviews

Trane Air Conditioner Reviews

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Amongst the HVAC industry most esteemed and top lines air conditioning units are Trane air conditioners. These units are produced by “Trane” a company founded in the year 1931 and has since been the key source of climate control and regulation for almost a complete century. The company has long brought inventive concepts to produce air conditioning models that can indeed help inhabitants of Midwest take care of the unpleasant heat most especially during the hotter months.

The longevity of Trane various products is one unique tone of quality that earns this line the leading spot in the air conditioning industry. As the company has stuck to its commitment to high-quality creating processes, it as well pride itself on transforming its air conditioning know-how with the times, thus producing ever more energy efficient units to keep its customers utility bills at a speck without giving up their comfort.

The Pros and Cons of Trane Air Conditioners


  • These air conditioners are a line that contains high SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). This helps unit owners to determine how efficient their units are in terms of energy and how the units help to save money. As a rule, the widely accepted Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio rating is thirteen, but the SEER rating of most Trane units range from fourteen to about twenty five.
  • Trane line of air conditioners comes with lasting warranties which is a peculiar reason why Trane air conditioners are a common choice among homeowners and businesses. The part warranties underneath their belts together with sturdy materials from which they are being made from make these units become incredibly low when it comes to maintenance.
  •  Trane air conditioning units are durable and much reliable. They are a great appliance for any homeowner or business owner that opt for convenience and comfort while saving money.
  • Trane are available in a range of styles and sizes.
  • Trane suitable for all climates around the world.
  • Trane units are very effective and highly efficient as they make cooling and heating solutions available for smaller and bigger indoor spaces. If the rooms in your house or spaces in your workplace are too hot for you to deal with, Trane air conditioners can easily cool them off.



  • Trane air conditioners are a bit expensive and they are not suitable for people on tight budgets.
  • Installation of Train air conditioning units in big apartment or commercial buildings requires more than the service of one professional, hence costing more money per installation.
  • Though their replacement parts are not that scarce unlike some air conditioning lines, but the parts are not easily replaced when damaged.

Final Word

We choose Trane air conditioners simply because what common people want basically in air conditioning units are their effectiveness, cool airflow, and energy efficiency while saving some money and this line offers them all. Trane air conditioners are a great addition to both residential and commercial buildings. They are built from materials that are tough enough to tolerate any climatic condition with high energy efficiency and pretty low maintenance.

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