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A Quiet Air Conditioner Is What You Need For Your Home

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Peace and Quiet Coupled with Cold, Frosty Air… quiet air conditioner is what most consumers look for nowadays. It makes sense. With so much noise happening in our lives today – between the traffic outside, the television blaring, kids screaming- the last thing people want is something else grabbing at their peace and quiet.

Luckily, air conditioner manufacturers understand this, and there are several air conditioners on the market today, aside from central air conditioners, that can effectively and quietly cool your home.

If you currently have a noisy air conditioner, it may be fixable. Make sure all the screws and bolts on the unit on the air conditioner are nice and tight. If that doesn’t work, also check the interior of the unit. If any of the fan blades appear to be bent, carefully bend them to look like the other unbent fan blades.

Many manufacturers claim that their quiet air conditioners are “library quiet,” meaning they are so quiet they would be suitable in a library. While this may be the case, often times the reviews we have read on some of these “quiet” units sound much different.

The truth is, an air conditioner being quiet to someone is completely subjective. What I consider loud you may consider quiet. It is hard to read any one review or claim and determine whether an air conditioner is quiet or not.

Regardless, owning a quiet ac is important to consumers. We found that people consider owning a quiet air conditioner just as important as owning one that is cost effective. That said, we will recommend quiet air conditioners that the majority of owners have claimed to be quiet.

A Quiet Window Air Conditioner

Some of the more popular quiet window air conditioners on the market today include the Amana AH183A35MA window air conditioner. With 4 out of 5 stars at AJ Madison, a top online retailer for air conditioners, this unit can quietly ice off your entire house with its 18000 BTUs.

Best of all, it also has doubles as a heater with 16000 BTU of power! Amana claims the reason why this is a quiet window air conditioner is due to it’s ball bearing fan motors, which run effectively and quietly.

Reviews are very positive for this Amana Air Conditioner, with nearly every review agreeing that it is a quiet air conditioner. As icing on the cake, many report this air conditioner to be very attractive looking in their home.

Beyond it being a quiet window air conditioner, this Amana unit is one of the most recommended window air conditioners we have found on the internet.

A Quiet Portable Air Conditioner

One quiet portable air conditioner on the market is the Sharp CV-P10MX Portable Air Conditioner. Some reviewers declare this to be the quietest air conditioner that is portable on the market at Amazon. This is a powerful portable air conditioner at 9500 BTU, and comes with several modes including cool, dehumidify, fan, and ventilate.

At Best Air Conditioner Reviews, we have not found reviews of a portable air conditioner that is truly “quiet.” Obviously, this is subjective, but none of the units have been reviewed in such a way to make us believe the noise they produce is not noticeable.

Sharp markets the CV-P10MX portable air conditioner as “library quiet.” The reviews of the unit are very high, and when compared with other available portable ac units, this is one of the more quiet air conditioners. That said, do not expect any portable air conditioner to be the quietest air conditioner on the market.

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