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Portable Air Conditioners for Home

Why is a portable AC unit often the best choice?

portable air conditioner is a must-have in any temperate or warm climate zone. While window or wall mounted AC units are useful, they can be straining on power consumption and in some cases, they can be difficult to efficiently cool an area depending on the building or room geometry. Room insulation, construction materials and additional needs such as de-humidification are other factors that often make a portable AC a better performer than a stationary one.

A free standing air conditioner solves some of these problems, and given their compact size can be taken on the go to wherever instant comfort is necessary without any fuss. Which type is the best one for you will depend how big a room you want to cool, features and budget.

Here are some of the best selling portable air conditioners, from small gadgets to industrial capacity.

Medium Capacity Single Hose Air Conditioner

Side handles and caster wheels makes this air conditioner truly portable and you easily move it from room to room. Comes with a remote for all the functions and offers 24hr timer, clean air ionizer, multiple cooling speeds and 3 fan settings.

A nice feature is the inclusion of a extra long 6.5 foot power cord This cooler can handle 200 square foot spaces.

This one is on the best seller list but has mixed reviews, many relating to capacity. If you have large rooms, you might want to look at a bigger unit with more capacity.

Personal Mini Fan Air Conditioner

The Handy Blue is a handheld fan and air conditioner for personal use. This is a excellent gadget for cooling in doses as it utilizes minimal power and creates a limited field of soothing cool suitable for face and neck.

This little gadget can cool air locally down to a fantastic 30F even in the hottest of weather, and utilizes a quiet 30db turbine fan using whispersoft technology. It even performs outside!

Water-powered and rechargeable, this is the best option for individual cooling needs on the go, and comes at a very low price.

Spray Bottle with Fan

This is about as portable as it gets. A simple water spray bottle with a fan.

The wind effect and the cooling mist are more effective than you may think. Obviously, this only works on very short range and if you wear glasses, they will probably get lightly sprayed! But, if you need quick relief from the heat at the BBQ party, this is a fun and surprisingly effective cooling gadget.

Top Rated Portable Air Conditioner on Wheels

8000 BTU

Mobil Comfort AC and Dehumidifier. Suitable for rooms up to about 300 sq ft this is a free standing air conditioner which is easy to move around the house on account of the wheeled tower design and the single hose configuration.

Some AC dehumidiers for sale store the condensed water in a receptacle that needs to be emptied all the time. this is thankfully not the case with the MobilComfort. The condensed water is fed through the ventilation pipe so it can run on end without supervision.This is one of the best portable air conditioning units of this size which is getting very good ratings from buyers. It is also competitively priced and all in all, this is probably the ultimate portable ac for medium sized areas. Some buyers have purchased 2 units which handle the whole house.

12000 BTU compact AC

Another high capacity AC which has a compact size and wheels making it easy to move between rooms.

Despite the smallish size, it can cool 400 square feet thanks to effective fan design and eco friendly R-410A refrigerant. Direct drain lets you run the ac continuously without having to drain the condensed water.

Heavy Duty Portable AC with Heater

14000 BTU

The Whynter 14000 btu Ac is a heavy duty workhorse designed to handle large areas of up to 500 square feet. The dual hose design requires a slightly more complex arrangement than a single hose portable AC but it comes with a dedicated window adapter which makes installation easier.

This is a 3-in-1 portable air conditioner which has AC, heater and dehumidifier.

Considering the high capacity and the very good rating this unit it is getting from buyers, this is a portable ac that offers the best value in price vs capacity ratio.

Inexpensive Portable Air Conditioner on Wheels

Besteller with mixed reviews and no capacity indication.

The SPT SF-609r by Sunpentown is a simple and inexpensive evaporative cooling unit for small to medium sized rooms. Like most portable AC units, the cooling effect is achieved by vaporizing water (which ads humidity to the room climate).

With a 10-liter water tank, it can run for 7-12 hours on a single fill up of water. It doesn’t make much noise and is energy star compliant. With three fan speeds and oscillating louvers, even distribution is guaranteed.

This is a cooling unit for dry, hot climates where a cool, moist temperature is preferred but doesn’t really work well in humid climates that already have hot moisture in the air.

Refrain from use in places like Louisiana or Florida! Also a bad idea to use this around a lot of electronics that’re humidity-sensitive.

This is a very portable AC which measures just 12 x 16 x 25 inches and comes with a remote. It is inexpensive and sits firmly on the bestseller list, but has limitations on what it can do (which may be a reason for the mixed reviews it has gotten).

If you have a smaller area you want to cool and live in arid region, this portable cooling unit may be the solution at a nice price.Obviously, it won’t be as effective as the more powerful units, but it does also have a ionizer which helps in refreshing room odor.

Industrial Capacity Portable Air Conditioner

This is a high capacity air cooler on wheels for large areas, garages, warehouses and even outdoor cooling.

Cools up to 700 square feet. The choice for crowded events like weddings and conferences.

What is BTU, and should you care?

Many coolers and heaters are BTU rated.
1 British Thermal Unit = 1055 joules

BTU tells you how much heating / cooling the core unit can produce. 2546 BTU/hr is about 1 hp. This is not a good measurement of the effect on a room though. That depends on fan type and speed, dry or mist cooling, air vent configuration, etc.

BTU is not used much abroad but still seems to be a common measurement in US.

BTU gives you a performance hint, but square foot capacity is what you want to look for.

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