Air Conditioner Reviews
Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

The result of the product’s evaluation shows that the best portable air conditioner you could find is the Honeywell MN10CESWW. On the other hand, if you are looking for a cheaper option yet retains its high quality, you should take regard of LG Electronics LP0814WNR. If you prefer another budget-friendly option, then you should look into Honeywell MM14CCSBB.

The upcoming summer not only pertains to sports season or having a grand vacation. This also refers to the summer heat, which everyone has to face. It is not about getting that sweat off. Take note that it affects everyone’s comfort in your home. Most importantly, high levels of heat could affect your health.

At present, most American homes during summer have one or more air conditioners. Nonetheless, it is not practical to put one air conditioner for each room of your house. This is the reason why mobile or portable air conditioner became in demand.

Portable air conditioners could be taken in any room minus the worry if it could really cool the area. Besides being very efficient, the product is also budget-friendly. You will save more if you will purchase one or a couple of portable AC’s than buying the traditional AC’s that require installation.

In order to help you with your ideal choice of portable air conditioner, you should consider the following excerpt as guide. The top picks are given below for your further assessment:

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# Best Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

Product Capacity (BTU) Price Editor’s Rating
Honeywell MM14CCSBB 14,000 $$$$ 4.9/5
Whynter ARC-14SH 14,000 $$$ 4.5/5
Koldfront PAC1401W 14,000 $$ 4.25/5
Honeywell MN12CES 12,000 $$$ 4.75/5
DeLonghi PACAN120EW 12,000 $$$ 4.9/5
LG LP1215GXR 12,000 $$ 4.4/5
Haier HPN12XCM 12,000 $$ 4/5
Honeywell MN10CESWW 12,000 $$ 4.25/5
Shinco YPL3-10C 10,000 $ 4.9/5
Global Air NPA1-10C 10,000 $ 4.25/5
LG Electronics LP0814WNR 8,000 $ 4.25/5
SPT WA-8070E 8,000 $ 4/5

1) Honeywell MN12CES – The Winner of the Roundup

Honeywell MN12CES 12000 BTU Portable AC
Honeywell MN12CES 12000 BTU Portable AC

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Honeywell MN12CES is a 15.2 x 18.1 x 29.3 inches portable air conditioner. It weighs 68.3 pounds and designed with four caster wheels. Its aesthetics are perfectly design for mobility from one place to another. The portable air conditioner has a capacity of 12,000 BTU and could cool an area having a maximum area of 450 square feet. On the other hand, it has a rate of 70 liters of moisture per day to dehumidify a room.

The auto-evaporation feature of this could prevent bucket use to catch drips from the system. In addition, the product has an LCD display with a remote. Through this interactive display, you should set the different features of the AC, including the automatic shutdown based on a time you prefer.
With its diverse features, you could clearly say it is the best portable AC. It has every factor you should look into a portable AC.

2) Honeywell MN10CESWW – The Best Option for Smaller Area

Honeywell MN10CESWW 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
Honeywell MN10CESWW 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

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Honeywell MN10CESWW has functions, which compete well with the best portable AC. However, this product is best used in a smaller area due to its lower capacity at 10,000 BTU. The product also has a 54-decibel noise resistance. In order for you to use it for hours, the product boasts an auto-evaporation system. It is packaged with a venting kit, which you could remove when the AC is not in use.

Its satisfactory and flexible features make it one of the most popular portable ACs available today.

3) Whynter ARC-14SH – A Solid-Performing Portable Air Conditioner

Whynter ARC-14SH 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner and Heater
Whynter ARC-14SH 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner and Heater

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Whynter ARC-14SH is the former ARC-14S but packed with more, which highlight its heater. The appliance has the capacity of 14,000 BTU for cooling an area. In addition, since it is structured with a heater, the portable AC comes with a dehumidifier. Compared to its smaller sibling, the AC has an additional 13,000 BTU for its heating section.

This device is a great choice if you want a dual-purpose portable AC. Moreover, it is considered to be more diverse compared to the former ARC-14SH. It is useful not only in the summer, but winter as well. This may be the reason why many people are taking regard of this model favorably.

4) NewAir AC-10100E – Your Ready-to-Use Portable AC

NewAir AC-10100E Portable Air Conditioner
NewAir AC-10100E Portable Air Conditioner

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NewAir AC-10100E is an energy-efficient portable AC that measures 12.1 x 15.1 x 29.8 inches. It weighs 60 pounds only.The portable AC works with a 10,000-BTU capacity. The product is best used in areas having 325 square feet size. In addition, the product comes with a window installation kit and requires no further assembly.

The mobile AC has an auto-evaporation system, which makes it usable for longer number of hours or even while draining it. In addition, it has different settings for variety of situations. You could put it in sleep mode or adjust its 12-hour time.

5) NewAir AC-14100H – A More Powerful Model

 NewAir AC-14100H 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Plus Heater with Energy Efficiency Boosting Function

NewAir AC-14100H 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Plus Heater with Energy Efficiency Boosting Function

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NewAir AC-14100H is a more powerful product than its ancestor model. This comes with a 14,000 BTU capacity. It could cool a bigger area at 525 square feet. Moreover, the portable AC comes with a heater and a remote.

Alongside its efficiency booster, the AC could also be set with a 24-hour timer and used with its auto-evaporation system. The booster is added in order to help household save energy costs. You simply have to add water to its tank to improve its performance.

6) Whynter ARC-14S – A Bulky Yet Mobile Option

 Whynter ARC-14S 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

Whynter ARC-14S 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

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Whynter ARC-14S comes with a bulky dimension of 35.5 x 19 x 16 inches. Despite its bigger size, it is designed with four caster wheels that will enable you to transfer the AC without necessarily lifting it.The capacity of the product is 14,000 and features dual hose aesthetics. You could use the product in a 500 square feet room.

The dual hose feature of the product could dehumidify the room by removing 101 liters daily. In addition, it has a lot of other capabilities, including auto-drain condensation removal system and auto-restart during unexpected power outages. You could easily change its settings for the product comes with a remote.

Giving You Light on How Dangerous Summer Heat Is

When your body warms up, it compensates itself through perspiration in order to obtain coolness. Nonetheless, there are summer days that will not let you escape the heat just by sweating. Particularly, high humidity could make it harder.

There are different conditions and illnesses that could affect your body due to too much heat. One of the problems you could encounter is heat rash. If things could get worse, you may suffer from exhaustion caused by heat. Heat exhaustion is associated with speedy breathing, heavy sweating, and weak and fast pulse rate.

The said condition could also result to heatstroke. The latter is a deadly problem. Heatstroke is characterized by rapid and strong pulse rate. Moreover, you may experience symptoms like dryness of the skin and dizziness. In just a few minutes, your body temperature could reach up to 41.1 degrees Celsius.

When everything becomes loose, malfunction of your nervous system will follow. Other than that, even your liver and kidney will fail. The ability of your blood to clot may also be disrupted. In addition, anticipate that even other organs will become dysfunctional in the long run.

A report from CDC shows that from periods 1999 to 2003, there is a registration of 3,442 deaths due to extreme heat. The groups greatly affected by the problem are older people and young children. It was also specified that most at risk are those suffering from chronic health diseases. The report even added that underestimation of the death figures may have occurred.

Do You Need Portable AC? If Not, Then Who?

You are simply being warned concerning the dangers of extreme heat when not controlled in your area. The medical statistics given was to give you a precautionary on what to do next. In other words, you should also take it seriously when selecting the best portable AC.

Not everyone considers the matter essential, which is why they only buy the portable AC when other appliances for cooling are not available.
If you want to determine if you are among the people in need of portable AC, the excerpt below will give you an idea:

Apartment Occupants

According to observation, the largest set of people buying portable AC is the apartment occupants group. Landlords usually do not make it manageable for the occupants to install fixed AC or other appliances in their homes. Tenants could not even install a permanent AC or air compressor in the area.

The landlords may have a certain reason why, such as not allowing installation of permanent AC or the cooling capacity of the previously installed AC is not efficient.

If you are an apartment tenant, standard air conditioners may not be the best choice for you. Be reminded that it takes time to install the product. In the first place, it could be difficult to find one that suits your home best. Most importantly, if you prefer moving every now and then, portable AC is the ideal cooling product.

Household Owners

Having a home of your own means you may need an air conditioning system for the summer season. However, if you do not want to bother installing one or it is not worth your time, you could try portable AC. It could be ideal if your previous fixed AC could not even accommodate your rooms.

You may use the portable air conditioning system for the library, especially if you usually stay in the area. On the other hand, if you are having a guest for the night, the product will might as well be helpful. You no longer have to panic what to do and find an installation team for your fixed AC. Lastly, portable AC could replace your existing air conditioner that does not even work well.

Officer Workers

Many offices are equipped with fixed AC systems in order to make the workers convenient while finishing their tasks. Unfortunately, not all companies tend to give that privilege. There are still employees who suffer from too much heat, ending up decreasing their creativity and concentration. When this happens, their tempers will reach a high and mistakes will be more than a few. Take note that adding ACs in an office is not only for the manpower, but for computer systems and appliances as well.

If you are in such situation, you may bring a portable AC as long as it is allowed. This is best if your area does not even have an AC system or may have one but does not work effectively. In addition, it is a viable reason to bring a portable AC when the present one could not accommodate the size of the room or number of people in it.

Campers During Summer Season

Camping is fun and most of the time, the cool outdoors during the night do not even require you to bring a portable air conditioning system. In addition, some groups take advantage of the evening breeze by using their tent’s screen mesh feature.

There are places that will not give you the suitable temperature you are looking for in wilderness. This is the reason why others bring an electric fan. There are cases that ice cooler fans are preferred over the normal electric fan for it could blow cooler air. Alternatively, evaporative coolers are also utilized since these could develop mists that cool the body down. The mist is commonly paired with the air blown by the fan.

Unfortunately, the solutions do not work all the time when you needed them. As mentioned earlier, not all camping areas are cool. There are worse situations wherein you have to face a hot and humid area. A standard electric fan will not be able to help in coping up with the heat. In addition, evaporative and ice cooler fans may only increase your tent’s humidity, which is an extra problem. Conclusively, what you need is a portable air conditioner that would keep you cool during summer minus the worries. Many people need them, which is why the market introduced the product as alternative to every fan available.

What Advantages Does a Portable Air Conditioner Provide?

Generally, combating the summer heat is the primary purpose of the product. There are just cases that people choose a product over another for it has more features. However, if you talk about the group or kind of the products, you could anticipate similar benefits to reap, such as these:

Easy Installation and Less Hassle

It is tedious and time-consuming to install fixed ACs. Take note that you are not the one to do the installation. You have to pick an HVAC contractor to do the work. In addition, handling the parts of the appliance is sensitive and requires a professional.

Simple-installation requirements give you luck. In contrast, there are complications that may arise during the fixation of the appliance. For instance, the allocated space in the window is insufficient. On the other hand, the electrical system may not be able to accommodate the air conditioner’s power requirements. It all ends to looking for a contractor or AC professional to help.

Alternatively, if you would consider portable air conditioning system, you could install the product yourself. There will be no electrical issues or any other problem that you encounter with fixed AC. The portable AC could operate as simple as using regular electrical socket.

Fixed AC installation usually comes with the problem of exhaust vent fixation. However, even if you are a regular person, you could install the portable unit with clear directions. There is no need for an expert to guide at all.

Move Your AC From One Place to Another

In a household, you surely do not stay in one place all the time. This is the reason why, portable ACs are made. If you want to transfer the cooling unit with you, you may do so.

There are indeed, bulky portable ACS and their portability is often questioned. However, remember that they are installed with wheels or any feature that would enable someone to transfer them from one place to another. In other words, the bulky portable AC is still preferable over split-type ACs or traditional window cooling appliance.

If you use the traditional ACs, you will only cool a specific area. On the other hand, with portable units, you could cool any area in your house. It does not mean that you will put it in one place and all areas of your house will cool down. It only indicates you could put it in different area where you want it to be.

There may be bulky portable ACs, but there are also models made as very light and compact products. They are under the category of really portable ACs for they could be moved with ease. There are cases the portable ACs are even small, which means you could bring it even at camp. You no longer have to worry about sleeping at night sweating or trying to get slightly cool breeze outdoors.

Cost-Effective Option for All

Cost-effectiveness of the product has always been prioritized by customers. It is a factor that everyone considers very important due to a tight budget for the month or other commitments. Some people could not even afford a fixed or standard AC.
If you do not have the money to afford the fixed ACs, portable air conditioning system is the best option for you. You will surely have enough money to cover up for the appliance.Simply analyze how much you would spend with a regular AC. You need a lot of help from a professional to install, maintain, and repair it. Furthermore, you also have to improve the electrical system in your household or hire a small construction team to prepare your walls.

Does a Portable Air Conditioner Pose Disadvantages?

Portable air conditioning systems are not perfect. You will definitely encounter a drawback if you choose the wrong unit. This is similar to using regular air conditioning systems.

There are cases people do not want to use portable air conditioners for they are noisy. This is not the case with regular or window-type ACs whose motors are placed outside the room. In order to settle this disadvantage, most people look for the quietest model possible.

Many people have noticed that portable ACs are not always effective in terms of energy consumption. In actuality, the product is not green. There are times that portable air conditioners could only cool down a smaller space compared to the area a regular AC could remove heat from. Take note that this is despite the similar rate of heat removal in an hour or BTU per hour.

Despite the possible problems with portable air conditioning systems, technology still assures that it would improve. This is the same with cars, TVs, and computers. If you would only observe, you will see that newer AC systems are better when it comes to noise management. In addition, their features are perking up.

Even if you check the listed portable ACs above, they are considered to be the quietest types. You could evaluate each of the products and get one that gives you more than noise reduction.

Conceivably, the biggest disadvantage with the portable product is its underlying structure. Whenever it is inside the room, you could anticipate that it will produce heat. Take note that this is the heat it accumulates in a room and has to draw out. If you will use split-type or window-type air conditioning systems, you could expect the heat to be outside the room.

Top Factors to Consider in Selecting Your Portable Air Conditioner

Top Factors to Consider in Selecting YouThere are specific things you have to look into a portable air conditioner to assure it is the best for your needs. Be reminded that some factors may be more essential to you compared to other things. It largely depends on what you need and want.r Portable Air Conditioner

Cooling Capacity

The cooling capacity of the portable air conditioner is the most important of all aspects to follow. This is the reason why you are about to purchase a portable AC in the first place. Ascertain that you will check the cooling capacity of the product by finding out its BTUs per house. BTU means British thermal units, which is the standard measure of heat level that you could remove from a room in 60 minutes.

The higher the BTU is, the greater the amount of heat a product could remove from the room. You should prevent a product that has a lower BTU per house. Take note that if the BTU measure is low, it will be very slow for the unit to cool your room down. It is also possible that your room will not even cool.

In addition, you should not get a portable unit that has a high cooling capacity. This kind of AC is expectedly expensive and will require more energy. This will simply waste your money.

There is a standard rule to determine the capacity you should look for. If the area of your room is 200 square feet, you should at least buy 8,000 BTU per hour portable AC. On the other hand, if you have an area with 300 square feet, you have to consider 10,000 BTUs. You need a BTU requirement of 12,000 if your room is 400 square feet. In other words, for every 50 square feet increase, you need to add 1,000 BTUs.

These figures are simply estimates for you to assess the cooling capacity of a product. If your ceiling is eight feet from the floor, the given measures will already be suitable. Nonetheless, if the distance of the ceiling to floor is higher, you need a higher cooling capacity.

Other than the area measurement, you also have to take regard of the environmental concerns. Your area may be very hot, which means you may need for BTUs. In some cases, your area may not be too hot, but is not insulated properly. For instance, you have a lot of heat-producing appliances. This calls for higher BTUs.

Efficiency in Energy Consumption

Electricity bills soar when you have an air conditioning unit. Nonetheless, you could control this with a portable unit. This will not only help your family in terms of budget, but the environment as well. Take note that the best portable unit may also be the most efficient in energy consumption.

In this case, you should check for the product’s Energy Efficiency Rating or EER. The minimum EER rating in fixed ACs is 10. Nonetheless, do not expect present portable units to reach 10. As much as possible, simply look for one that it close to 10.

EER has a relationship with BTU. You simply have to divide BTU by the EER, which will help you determine the energy consumption in watts. If your unit has EER of 9 and 8,000 BTUs, you will get 889 watts. Alternatively, if the EER is 6 for the same BTU capacity, you will get a unit working at 1,333 watts.

Unit Measurement

The dimensions, which include the size and weight of the appliance, have to be considered as well. Take note that you have to achieve the expected portability of the product. If the unit is too heavy or big to carry, you may only be able to use it in one area. This is best if you do not have plans of moving from one area to another frequently. In contrary, if you like to move a lot, you should find a small and light product.

Other than worrying whether you could carry the product from here and there, also take regard of the place to put it. In order to secure proper ventilation for the product, you need at least 18-inch space. This is to cool your room effectively.

Noise Level

It was discussed earlier that noise has always been an issue among portable ACs. If you want to have an effective kind, you should find one that cools your area and helps you sleep better. Do not settle with an apparatus that will distract you in a long while.

You could determine the noise level of a machine through its decibel rate. The measuring system in decibels could be a bit complicated. Basically, it has no mathematical or scientific fundamentals. It is standard that 10-decible increase means that the sound is ten times greater. If the unit generates 70 decibels of sound and the other produces 60 decibels, the former is perceptibly noisier.

The best representation of 60 decibels is a nearby conversation at a normal level. If you are a kind of person that could not sleep when people are talking nearby, you may need 55 decibels or lower. Fortunately, there are units today that could produce as quiet as 45 decibels. The equivalent of the measure is a whispered conversation.

It is best to review the product first before buying it. You may already be purchasing one that may cool your area, but will increase your stress levels.

Easy Installation and Proper Maintenance

Many users of portable air conditioning systems have claimed that the unit provides easy maintenance. However, the level of difficulty may vary from one person to another.

If you want to determine whether a unit could be easily maintained as exacted, you could download its manual. By doing so, you could check whether the unit provides unambiguous directions or not. Moreover, you could read the reviews of the products, both the positives and negatives. These real-life feedbacks will give you a larger picture of how difficult it is to maintain the product.

There are units very manageable to install. On the other hand, there are ones that do not even require much maintenance. Take note that it is customary draining the moisture collection in the unit, defrosting the unit, and cleaning the filters.

Cost of Retail

The price should also be considered since it is influenced by different factors. You could consider here the cooling capacity. The more BTUs there are, the higher the cost of a unit. In addition, others are more expensive for they have inclusions like programmable timer and remote controller. These added features are included to give users convenience, but come with extra free.

If you are going to purchase a well-recognized brand, it will be costlier as well. Nonetheless, remember that it is worthwhile to use a well-known model for it is built with quality and durability.

It is probable that you will not get the best performing portable air conditioning system if you have a tight budget. However, believe that you may also need the added functions in a unit.

Conclusively, it is all based on what you need and want. By determining the factors that matter to you most, you will definitely find the most suitable portable AC system for you and your family.

What Portable Air Conditioner Should You Buy?

It is the dilemma that all people encounter – the selection. There is no specific answer to this question since your needs have to be considered beforehand. Moreover, each household or apartment may differ in sizes. On top, a person may use the portable unit for a more important reason than another. People also have different perspectives in considering a comfortable temperature.

Apparently, everyone has varying budget for the month or even the upcoming years. This shows that everyone is simply different. In order to buy the most appropriate AC for your needs and wants, make sure to read the portable air conditioner reviews. By doing so, you would have greater chances of obtaining the ideal product.

Always remember to concentrate on features, durability, and the convenience of usage. Although price is not always a major consideration, you have to give it a regard.

Once you purchase a portable air conditioning system, you have to ascertain that directions in operating and maintaining the product are followed. It may not be summer season presently, but this implies you have to retain the quality of the air conditioning system. By assuring it will work properly, your summer will definitely be filled with cool days.

Top Options for a Compact and Cost-Effective Portable AC

Small portable air conditioning systems are apparently lighter than bulky units. They may be lightweight, but their features keep on improving every year. More and more people are becoming interesting in its portability and low-noise features. Besides the convenience of use, these are low cost despite a lot of features added.

Irrespective of having the best portable AC, you should also consider a few factors if you are planning on buying one. For instance, you decided to purchase a smaller unit since your room could not accommodate a large unit. Alternatively, the small portable AC is your only option to cool down your place for you do not have a budget for fixed AC.

The amount of money you will spend relative to buying an appliance, such as air conditioning system, is necessarily considered. Take note that it is never worthwhile to buy something simply because most people use it. Be reminded to purchase a product for you need it.

There are specific details you have to look into while selecting a compact portable air conditioning unit. You may consider reading the following for this could give you a wiser decision.

The Perks of Using a Compact Portable Air Conditioner


You would find compact and light air conditioning units very mobile. It is a major advantage over the older models of the product. You no longer have to call a profession for an installation. Your window would also be free from holes.

Moving around with the portable AC is pretty simple. There are units designed with legs or wheels at the bottom. Obviously, the wheels are better for you could simply push the unit around. Push it in the guest room for an unexpected visit, office when the heat affects your concentration and living room if you have to keep your guests from the summer heat while conversing.

Easy Installation

Small portable ACs are known to be very easy to install. If you have encountered a lot of holes, screws, drilling, materials, and not to mention, dirt during your fixed AC installation, this is not the case with portable units. It will work as soon as you put it out of the box. You simply have to come up with an exhaust vent for the AC’s air to leave the room.

Cheap Investment

Investment in a small portable unit is very cheap. You no longer have to worry about the fortune of installation and maintenance of a fixed AC. Everyone could probably afford a less costly small portable air conditioner. Besides the given benefit, the product is space efficient. Sometimes, people reduce their energy consumption by eliminating use of other appliances just to use their ACs. This will no longer happen with portable ACs.

Overall Convenience

It is imperative to consider the convenience of using the unit. If you just transferred household, a portable unit will definitely make cooling easier. You no longer have to install a lot of things before combating the summer heat. As a person who moves a lot, convenience in transferring a unit is the best you should have.

However, you have to take note that not all portable air conditioning systems are ideal. For instance, a large unit may require a lot of space, but could accommodate a bigger home. It may cost you higher energy consumption at the same time.

Classification of Small Portable Air Conditioners

If you will buy a compact portable air conditioner, you have to consider several important features, which are BTUs, water removal system, special features, and plug type.


BTUs matter a lot for it represents the actual power of an air conditioning system. Additionally, its measure is equivalent to the area it accommodates. The larger the area to cool down, the more power it would acquire.

You do not have to worry about the unit to buy since all units come in different specifications. Some similarities may be present, but differences will surely be found.

Primarily, you should check the AC system box and measure your room. Evaluate your area as well. At times, if you have more appliances working daily and the area is exposed to direct sunlight, more power may be required.

Water Removal System

Most of the portable air conditioning systems feature automatic evaporation. In other words, the portable ACs will recycle the water back so it could return to the air.

If you are looking for a dehumidifier, some units are now equipped with condensation pumps. These are both advanced and convenient to use. The pumps will move the water through a hose. This will then drain your air conditioning easily. Every few hours, it is recommended that you drain the tank to use the AC longer.

Special Features

Special features may also be called as useless add-ons in portable air conditioning units. Examples of these are whistles and random bells. These added features may be considerable if the unit has a dehumidifier. Besides leveling the temperature at a comfortable measure, it would also remove themoisture. In addition, mobile appliances with dehumidifier could also be used during winter season.

It is worthless if you will pay for extra bells and whistles. It is best to settle with the more important features first. It is fortunate for you to use a small portable AC for they do not have space for such senseless add-ons.

# Best Small Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

In order to help you with the selection of a unit, you may consider this narrowed list of small portable air conditioning systems:

1) EdgeStar AP10002BL Smallest Footprint Portable Air Conditioner

EdgeStar AP10002BL Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier
EdgeStar AP10002BL Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier

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EdgeStar Smallest Footprint Portable Air Conditioner is a cost-effective, powerful, and portable unit. The main features of the product made it a great choice for a portable AC. The AC has a capacity of 10,000 BTUs, which means it could cover up to 350 square feet. It is recommended that you use the unit in a bigger area than the limit.

If you have a bigger space, it is best that you get a more powerful item. This is an advice if you will use the product for 24 hours.

Apart from its standard features, you would find its remote control and dehumidifier useful. It comes with three fan speeds. Moreover, it has exhaust hose in the package. Automatic exhaustion of condensation is also a utility of the product.

2) NewAir AC-12200E Portable Air Conditioner

NewAir AC-12200E Portable Air Conditioner
NewAir AC-12200E Portable Air Conditioner

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NewAir AC-12200E Portable Air Conditioner is something that you should give attention to. Its elegant design makes it suitable for any room. For maximum portability, the unit is structured with four wheels for transport. It will not just cool the environment, but dehumidify at the same time.

The areas suitable for the AC unit, measure up to 425 square feet. Moreover, if you want its maximum efficiency, you should take five percent or 10 percent from this existing standard. Comparing to other products available, NewAir AC-12200E Portable Air Conditioner is considered green.

Few of its features supporting this claim are adjustable temperature settings and auto evaporation system. You may set its timer for 24 hours, especially if you would like to come home with cooler rooms. Added convenience is also set by its remote control.

3) Whynter ARC-08WB Portable Air Conditioner

Whynter 8,000 BTU Eco-Friendly Portable Air Conditioner, White (ARC-08WB)
Whynter 8,000 BTU Eco-Friendly Portable Air Conditioner, White (ARC-08WB)

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Whynter ARC-08WB Portable Air Conditioner is known for its satisfactory power and size. It has a capacity of 8,000 BTUs. In other words, it could cool areas that are up to 250 square feet. Plus, it lessens your worry about the noise. Although many complained about the noise of the portable air conditioning unit, you could get used to it in just a few minutes. It is manageable if you choose to ignore it.

This is packed with upgraded plastic kit, remote control, and full functionality. It has fan, cooling system, and dehumidifier. By having all these three teamed with a self-evaporating system, you will definitely have a worth it buy.

4) Frigidaire FRA053PU1 Portable Air Conditioner

Frigidaire FRA053PU1 5,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
Frigidaire FRA053PU1 5,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

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Frigidaire FRA053PU1 Portable Air Conditioner is another option, but this comes with lower capability and power. It is available with a capacity of 5,000 BTUs for 216 square feet area. Its efficiency is supported by its swing air direction control. You could set it to distribute air in the space evenly.

The electronic control of the device also makes it easier to operate. Nonetheless, remember that not all people are remote control lovers. They would rather set up the AC and that is it.The product has three cooling and fan speeds. You could choose from any of these settings, whenever it is cold or hot. Frigidaire FRA053PU1 Portable Air Conditioner also has a handy timer within the whole day.

Most importantly, if the noise of portable AC really bothers you, then this is the most suitable one you could have. Nonetheless, remember that it may still bother you if this is your first time using a portable AC.

5) EdgeStar AP8000W Ultra Compact Portable Air Conditioner

EdgeStar AP8000W Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier and Fan
EdgeStar AP8000W Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier and Fan

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EdgeStar Ultra Compact Portable Air Conditioner has an 8,000-BTU capacity that could cool down a room measuring up to 225 square feet. The product also features a dehumidifying system.You will find the unit very energy-friendly since it comes with a digital thermostat. You may program it as well with a 24-hour timer depending on your schedule.

The aesthetics of the product is classic. Despite its lack of contemporary design, the small and not easily visible casters of the product make it very mobile.

6) NewAir AC-10100E Portable Air Conditioner

NewAir AC-10100E Portable Air Conditioner
NewAir AC-10100E Portable Air Conditioner

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NewAir AC-10100E Portable Air Conditioner is a product leading other models if you are looking for a futuristic design with smaller build. It is designed with casters for mobility. In one product, you also have the dual purpose of cooling and dehumidifying the environment. The portable AC is best used if you want to cool an area measuring 325 square feet at the maximum.

Apart from the AC’s given features, it also has the automatic evaporative system. You could freely adjust its temperature easily. Setting the timer is also possible within 12 hours.

7) Whynter ARC-110WD Portable Air Conditioner

Whynter 11,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-110WD)
Whynter 11,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-110WD)

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Whynter ARC-110WD Portable Air Conditioner is available in its small build and four operating modes. The modes include fan, automatic, conditioning, and dehumidification. The product is featured with a thermostat control and programmable timer over 24 hours.

The portable air conditioning system is considered to be more sophisticated than other products. It has an intake hit and expendable exhaust. A window kit is included in the package.Its remote control helps adjust the settings of the product. Easy maintenance is also offered by its washable pre-filter. However, carbon material is used for internal filter. The actual design of the product is slightly innovative. You may even use it in your office other than your home.

After All the Reviews

Small portable air conditioning systems are alike at first look. However, the features of each model may differ from one another. For instance, you could consider here the cooling capacity and its added highlights.

Small details of this make a lot of difference in selection. Be reminded that not all features that work for most people may apply to your needs as well. Do not purchase one simply because others found it effective.

You have to consider your own needs and wants. If you do so, you will only have to worry about the selection of manufacturer or segment.

The Most Affordable Portable Air Conditioning Systems

Regular air conditioners have always made your life more costly with the installation and maintenance proper. Though there are different models are available, they work similarly. The air conditioning system takes the air in, brings it back to the air in a cooler temperature, and moves it back to the room. While these processes are done, the warm air is released to the room’s exterior through another system or exhaust.

The features of a product may vary depending on the choices of the manufacturer during the air conditioner development. It will not be difficult to select if you know your requirements.

Although there are tons of capability aspects for consideration, the cost of the unit should not be disregarded. Other than regarding cost-effective product as a solution that lessens your expenses, take note that this unit also offers what expensive products could provide.

The Primary Considerations in Buying a Cheap Portable AC

The first thing you have to look for is the versatility of the unit. It is ideal to know that it works not only in cooling, but also in other purposes. For instance, it is a plus if you found a product with dehumidifier.

Moreover, having a heating system along with the cheap portable AC is very advantageous. Since draining is very important for a unit, assure you will find one with self-evaporating feature.Timers are useful, which will help you set the on and off schedule of your AC. This minimizes energy consumption.

The mobility is highly important if you want a product that could be transferred from one place to another. If you usually go from room to room or from office to home, an easily transported apparatus is a plus.

# Best Portable Air Conditioner for the Money

It is best to have a smaller list of products to review the units profoundly. Given below are best cheap yet effective portable AC systems you could buy:

1) Frigidaire FFPA1022T1 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Frigidaire FFPA1022T1 White 10, 000 BTU Portable Remote Air Conditioner
Frigidaire FFPA1022T1 White 10, 000 BTU Portable Remote Air Conditioner

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Frigidaire FRA053PU1 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner could cool up a room up to 450 square feet. It has antimicrobial air filter, electronic controls, and swing air direction settings.

This also features three fan and cool speeds. It is one of the most compact options with dimensions at 12.81 x 17.31 x 27.38 in.

2) Honeywell MF08CESWW 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control

Honeywell MF08CESWW MF Series 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier & Fan
Honeywell MF08CESWW MF Series 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier & Fan

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The small and light air conditioning system could cool down an area up to 300 square feet in size. Similar to its Honeywell counterparts, the product is known to be packed with functions. It has a digital LED display, remote control, and automatic timer.

3) LG Electronics LP0814WNR 115-volt Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control

LG Electronics LP0814WNR 115-volt Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control, 8000 BTU
LG Electronics LP0814WNR 115-volt Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control, 8000 BTU

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LP0814WNR 115-volt Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control is an invention that could cool down a 300 square feet room. It could work up to two pints per hour using its dehumidification system. In other words, it is more powerful than any portable AC.

Moreover, the unit has LED display for easier adjustments of its set-up. Meanwhile, it has two cool and fan speeds. It is capable of responding to power outages since it has an auto restart feature.

4) Global Air 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Cooling and Fan

Global Air YPL310C 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
Global Air YPL310C 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

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Global Air YPL310C 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner will provide you more even air distribution with its two-speed cooling system. It has a very responsive system that is fully-digital and paired with a remote control.

5) EdgeStar AP8000W Ultra Compact 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

EdgeStar AP8000W Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier and Fan
EdgeStar AP8000W Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier and Fan

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EdgeStar Ultra Compact 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is very portable that is only two-feet high. Despite its small size, you would find it packed with more power than its smaller alternatives. It has a capacity of 8,000 BTUs, energy saving feature, 24-hour timer, and digital thermostat among others. The product prides itself as RoHS standards-compliant unit.

Final Notes

It is easy to purchase a portable air conditioning system today. However, it is another issue to select one that fits your needs and wants. This applies well if you are looking for a cheap air conditioner.

Do not let the cost-effectiveness hunt hamper your chances of finding the right air conditioner. Your focus should always be on the standard features of the unit, which are the primary purposes of purchasing the air conditioner.

By considering the given facts above, your decision in selecting the best portable air conditioner will certainly be smart and sound.

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