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Noria window air conditioner

Noria is the air conditioner reimagined. It’s the newest innovation in air conditioning. Are you tired of carting out your air conditioner from the garage,attic or crawl space every spring? If you are, you can rejoice at the news that a Philadelphia industrial design company called Likuma Labs has redesigned the bulky and heavy window air conditioner.

It’s got a sleek new design, takes up as little window space as a portable air conditioner, you can lift it yourself and store it under your bed on cool days when you want to take advantage of a breeze. It’s called Noria.

Below is a Youtube video demonstrating the air conditioner and introducing you to the creators.

A Philadelphia-based company, with a founder who has a passion for thermodynamics, thought they would try to reimagine the air conditioner themselves for direct sale to the public. Generally, they create products for other companies.

On April 19th, the Noria Project was launched on Kickstarter to help the company turn their prototype into a sellable product. Their goal was $250,000.00. They reached their goal in just one week, thanks to the many people who believe in the idea that a window air conditioner can be smaller,  more attractive and easier to handle.

As of today, they are up to $537,278.00, and they still have 21 days to go in their fundraising campaign. It’s possible there will be more improvements since they surpassed their goal so quickly.

A few contributors have said they would like wifi capabilities as well as the  Bluetooth connection it has now. There has also been a request for higher BTUs and a unit that will work on its side for sliding windows.

Noria Features

Below are the features of the Noria air conditioner.

*The pictures are courtesy of Kickstarter and Noria Home

Noria is less than 6 inches tall. It is 5,000 BTU and will cool up to 160 square feet. At the moment, it can only be used with single or double hung windows, but that could change in the future. There is also a fresh air mode, where you can turn the compressor off and enjoy the fresh air from outside on those cool nights.

It weighs approximately 30 lbs and operates with an 115v grounded outlet.  It can be controlled by Android or iPhone devices by Bluetooth connection.

Noria will be tested in some homes in Philadelphia this summer so the kinks can be worked out in time for production this fall. If all goes as planned, Noria should be ready in the Spring of 2017.

In Conclusion

Noria is the small room air conditioner we’ve all been waiting for. It truly is the air conditioner reimagined. For anyone who rents an apartment or home and the landlord doesn’t  want a big bulky machine hanging out their windows, this would be ideal. It’s so small and attractive looking that owners and  Homeowner Associations probably wouldn’t have a problem with it.

My air conditioner is a through the wall one now, but I certainly don’t miss lugging that big bulky thing out every year when I had a window one, and I sympathize with people who still have to do it. Still, I do wish my air conditioner was a little more attractive. I guess I shouldn’t complain though because it does what I need it to do.

If you are interested in learning more about the Noria air conditioner, or you would like to contribute to the Kickstart campaign where you can get a reward of a new Noria (depending on how much you contribute) when they become available in 2017, you can visit the Kickstart/Noria page, here. People who contribute will be the first to get them.

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