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Napoleon Air Conditioner Reviews

Napoleon Air Conditioner Reviews

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Napoleon Air Conditioners prides itself in providing total home comfort to its customers along with efficient cooling.

The air conditioners cool and dehumidify the air and keep the thermostat at a constant temperature in different conditions. The two lines of air conditioners are the AIRamus and the Ductless air conditioners. Both of them boast Auto Vane Control, whereby the vane control and the swing function either spread the air throughout the room or as required by the customer. This feature goes a long way in cooling the room exactly as desired.

Napoleon AIRamus Series Air Conditioner Reviews

The main features of air conditioners from this series are as follows:

  • It comes with the Benchmark compressor which promises high reliability and efficiency.
  • The 13 SEER air conditioners come with a cooling capacity ranging from 1.5 to 5 tons. The high SEER rating helps in saving valuable energy.
  • Coils are protected to last long by a full metal, powder coated jacket, which is rust/corrosion resistant hence resulting in a long life.
  • Thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) controls the flow of liquid refrigerant and protects the compressor in the long run.
  • Moisture is prevented from accumulating in the base pan by drainage holes and hence water does not have to be manually removed.
  • The air conditioners are ARI certified and comply with DOE test standards
  • The units come with 10-year limited compressor warranty and a 10-year limited parts warranty.

Napoleon 13 SEER 2.0 Ton Air Conditioner

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The various a/c models available


Napoleon Ductless Air Conditioners Review

The main features of air conditioners from this series are as follows:

  • These are ideal when adding ductwork is impractical or costly.
  • They provide Zone Cooling with the touch of a button and the directional vanes move horizontally and vertically.
  • It comes with a high-efficiency corrugated filter screen, heavy duty mold proofing, and an antiseptic to ensure an excellent indoor environment.
  • The design is attractive and efficient and hence blends effortlessly in any decor.
  • Precise and personal programming is aided by an extremely user-friendly remote control.
  • The units use the environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant which does not harm the ozone layer of the atmosphere.
  • The units dehumidify by removing excess moisture from the environment and providing a healthy indoor environment.
  • These air conditioners provide energy savings by cooling only where and when required at all times.

Napoleon 13 SEER 2.0 Ton Air Conditioner

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The various ac models available: 

NHPS9NHPS12NHPS18NHPS24NCHS9NCHS12NCHS18NCHS24, NCHS9 X 2 and NCHS12 X 2. Napoleon Air Conditioners comes with the Benchmark Compressor which comes with a high efficiency of over 19 EER, a unique suction muffler, thermal fault protection, low vibration and fewer hermetic welds than competitive models thereby increasing the life of the air conditioner and resulting in enormous energy savings at the same time.

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