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During summer vacation with a boat or yachts you need to install and turned on marine air conditioners so they can bring you fresh and cool air inside the boat or yachts. One of the best companies which sell air conditioner for marine stuff is Dometic Company. Dometic Company has lot of experience and innovation with their air conditioner products for work-boat, boat, yachts, and even for military vessel. There are many products that Dometic offers and some of them even completed with air purifier system and air conditioner that bring both fresh cool air and warm air inside the boat during summer and winter.

Dometic Company products for marine air conditioner

  • EnviroComfort Air Conditioning System

There are two types of product available in this category such as EnviroCool and EnviroComfort. The different is EnviroComfort can give and bring you both warm air and cool air while EnviroCool only give you cool air. Both of the products come with complete installation kits but only EnviroComfort has retrofit kits.

  • Air Cooled Air Conditioning System

The product only give you fresh cool air and have long durability for your boats. There are three different types of product available which you can choose according to your boat types.

Drawbacks and Benefits of Dometic Marine AC

You can enjoy cool air and warm air inside the boat with these products. Moreover, to prevent moisture that always come inside the boat then install Dometic air conditioner is a must. They offer enough air conditioners capacity for your boat which you can choose around 5,000 BTU per hour to 16,000 BTU per hour. The air conditioner is easy to install with installation kits which you can follow by yourself during installation process. They also make to be installed on rooftop or flat desk in your boat, just choose which one is better for your boat types. They also offer competitive prices for the air conditioners. You can choose neutral colors for the marine air conditioner such as white and black so you can match it with any kind of boat decoration. What best is for air cooled conditioning system from Dometic they offer drop in system so you do not need to do the plumbing.

There are some problems that maybe you will face if you use these air conditioner products after long time like the air conditioner do not want to run, the system failed to bring cool air, and water dripping from the machine. What you need to do is to open the body and look for the damage. You may need to clean it frequently to treat the air conditioner.

Conclusion for Marine Air Cond

When you want to purchase air conditioners for your boat you need to check the specification in more detail. That is why knowing air conditioner specification, systems and features for marine or boat is important, so you can check for the completeness of the system. Ask for the guarantee they offer and whether they sell accessories and parts of air conditioner so you can replace it when the product is broken. Remember to match the size of your boat with the size and capacity of marine air conditioner. Anyway, make sure you purchase Dometic marine air conditioners in their official store and dealers.

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