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Goodman Air Conditioner Reviews

Goodman Air Conditioner Reviews

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Produced by Goodman Inc., the Goodman air conditioners are one of the few lines of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that have been around for a very long time say about thirty years ago. The company several years in business begets a wealth of experience in the heating and cooling industry to help its various users and assure them of great service and high-quality products. The Goodman air conditioning units are of breathtaking quality and they are produced using highly durable and reliable materials, no wonder this line of air conditioning units can last a lifelong.

Unlike most lines of cooling and heating systems in the industry that offer same quality alike, Goodman air conditioners are pretty much affordable. The vision of Goodman is to make high-quality cooling and heating systems available to its host of customers at a satisfyingly affordable rate. Each model of Goodman cooling units now combines durability, energy efficiency and affordability; hence customers won’t need to choose between the three any longer for they are now available in each unit procured. These products are highly efficient and the least SEER rating offer by Goodman is thirteen. If energy efficiency is what you are looking for in air conditioner, then look no farther than a Goodman unit with high SEER rating. The higher the SEER rating of a unit, the more energy efficient it is.

The Pros and Cons of Goodman Air Conditioners


  • These air conditioners are available at reasonable prices.
  • They combine durability with affordability to make them the industry leading products
  • They are energy efficient with least SEER rating of 13. No wonder these air conditioning units are great in saving energy per capital
  • They have the best warranty offers available including standard warranties, limited warranties on functional parts and specialized warranties.
  • Goodman air conditioners are easy to find as they are available in local electronic stores
  • They come with sound suppressants and quiet condenser fans to reduce their noise while running.
  • Also, they come with factory installed filter dryers to filter the circulating air


  • They are a bit difficult to install especially for non-high-tech savvies and many of Goodman installers lack professionalism.
  • Though the specialized warranty is available for all units but it requires rigorous processes of going online, filling out registration form and the like. And you may not even receive it if the company’s standards are not well observed.

Goodman Air Conditioners Warranty

We choose Goodman air conditioners because of their affordability, energy efficiency, durability and their special warranty offers. On top of this, the company offers the industry-leading warranty services for all of its products to make them the best choice available for both home and commercial usage. These warranty services include a standard warranty that is available for both the heating and cooling units, and a limited warranty that is available for all the functional parts of its products. Aside from the standard and limited warranties on all products and functional parts respectively, there are specialized warranties proffered by Goodman. This special service is one of its kinds in the industry and it includes a ten-year limited warranty for unit replacement, limited warranty for lifetime compressor, a ten-year limited warranty on parts, and limited warranty for lifetime heat exchanger. To qualify for these specialized warranties, customers are required to complete a registration form on online within sixty days of installing Goodman air conditioners and other Goodman heating and cooling products.

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