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Friedrich Air Conditioner Reviews

Friedrich Air Conditioner Reviews

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Talking about the various brands of air conditioners and products, then one brand that definitely passed in our minds is Friedrich air conditioners. Yup, this is one of the privately owned companies that manufacture commercial air conditioning and centered in San Antonio, Texas. This company has been around since hundreds of years ago, precisely in 1883, founded by Ed Friedrich. At first, he was a manufacturer of furniture, but then he switched direction and started selling a range of products related to food preservation and cooling. Over time, the company was extended to a wider area that is the air conditioner in 1952. The company was named as one of the companies that comes with several innovations in its products, including for air conditioners products. This is one brand that focuses on efficiency and the use and application of energy-saving methods. There are several types of air conditioners offered by this company ranging from portable air conditioners, wall mounted air conditioners, and several other types. For products of Friedrich portable air conditioners, we will see a proper programmed control, equipped with caster wheels to make it can move freely, and has evaporative condensate system that will minimize our efforts in terms of cleaning.

Wide Range BTU Option from Friedrich

There are several advantages that we can get by using the product of Friedrich air conditioners, among others: all products come with a quiet voice, energy saving, available in a wide selection of sizes, available in a wide selection of types – in fact we could get air conditioner that has doubles function where we will get a heat source in winter and cool sources in summer. This can be found by getting an air conditioner product called TwinTemp room air conditioner from Friedrich. Friedrich also produces several air conditioning units are made with compact so that we will get the products that are smaller, more affordable valuable, but have advanced technology that is not inferior to other products. BTU option that we will get will be very varied that we can adjust to the needs and capabilities of each of us. Many buyers who are satisfied with a product purchased air conditioner from Friedrich. They get everything they expect from a quiet sound during operation and maximum ability to cool the entire room. It is considered comparable to the value that they spend to get the product from Friedrich.

Friedrich Air Conditioner Models

Ductless Splits: Redefining the contours of cooling solutions are these sleek and sophisticated air conditioning units with state-of-the-art features.

Ceiling Cassette: This Ceiling cassette system comes with a high energy efficiency rating of 14 SEER and offers a host of interesting features including auto-swing louvers, 3 fan speeds, self diagnostics and wired remote.

Ceiling Suspended: A part of the ductless series, this is truly an epitome of high-end luxurious product that offers you the comfort of connecting up to 4 indoor units with one outdoor unit.

Floor/Ceiling: Unlike traditional window air conditioners, these ductless ones ensure your windows are never blocked and views never obstructed. It features a BTU of 22200 and a SEER of 15.

Wall Mounted: The wall mounted Friedrich air conditioners include a Single Zone, Dual Zone, Tri Zone and Quad Zone. The Single Zone accommodates one outdoor and one indoor unit and its cooling BTU ranges between 9,000 and 30,000. The Dual Zone can connect one outdoor unit to two indoor units and includes a cooling BTU of 24,000. The Tri Zone can three indoor units with one outdoor unit while Quad Zone can connect one outdoor to 4 indoor units. The Tri and Quad Zones feature a BTU of 36,000.

Portable: These air conditioners offer state-of-the-art features and do not require permanent installation. They can work with almost all types of windows and can cool any place at any time.

PTAC: Packaged Terminal Friedrich Air Conditioners are the ideal solutions for the hospitality industry and offer over 40 standard features. Easy maintenance, durability, superior performance are just some features that set Friedrich PTAC apart from the others in the industry.

Room Air Conditioners: These room air conditioners are perfect for single rooms or large spaces and come equipped with a host of interesting features. Most of the models feature programmable controls and are high on energy efficiency.

Thru the Wall: The name says it all for this category of air conditioners that are fitted through an exterior wall. These are ideal for walls that are thicker and where other room air conditioner fins would not fit. Made with heavy gauge steel, this series of air conditioners are known for their resilient built and extreme durability.

Which Model to Select Will Vary According to Your Personal Needs

Choosing to use Friedrich air conditioner will take us on a product that is capable of reliable with superb capabilities. If we want the product air conditioner from Friedrich, then we can check out the various products offered through the official website and get a variety of specifications that we need there. Do not forget to always pay attention to the needs and abilities before deciding to buy. There are so many models, features, and price offered, so it should be easy for us in choosing the right one. Also read some reviews from buyers before us and pull lessons from these reviews. By knowing what our needs are, then we will find what we are looking for.

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