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Amana Air Conditioners have a 75 years old legacy of trust, reliability and innovation behind them.

Amana, the manufacturer of this airconditioner, was founded in 1934 by George Foerstner in Amana, Iowa. Within about a decade of its establishment, Amana had a tryst with glory when it received Army-Navy “E” Award for Excellence for its walk-in air cooler supplied to the military.

Ever since, Amana has been synonymous with quality and excellence. However, what sets an Amana Air Conditioner apart from its competitors is reliable and long lasting product. Ensuring this is on the company’s top priority. This confidence in the reliability and durability of Amana Air Conditioners is reflected by long warranty period ranging from 10 years to lifetime that the products have.

Amana Air Conditioners are energy technologically innovative, energy efficient and environment friendly, besides being high in comfort. Amana Air Conditioners come in a variety of feature packed models to suit every requirement. These are as follows.